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"The experience of working with Tom is twofold; he's wildly talented at the art of production sound, and wildly talented at the art of bringing people together. You'll end up with audio so good you'll forget what a Post Mixer is. By hiring Tom, you'll end up with some of the best on-set company you could ask for."

-Michael Pasquariello (Senior Video Editor, SJR)



"Tom is always my first pick because I know that the quality of sound will be the least of my worries on set. It's always gratifying to work with someone who has so much passion towards their craft."

-Mark Trent (Cinematographer)



"I've had the pleasure of working with Thomas for the past four years and look forward to continuing to work with him. Aside from his excellent on set attitude his commitment to excellence is unparalleled."

-Saro Varjabedian  (Cinematographer)



"Tom is who you want on set with you during a long shoot. Nobody can make a crew come together better than he can. His work is always beautiful. "

-Taylor Zito (UPM)

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